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Strategic Advising, VR & AR Technology

2018 - in progress, for Erland Construction

  • Client wishes to improve their use of VR & AR in their practice.

  • Introduced them to the most promising options, which they are currently exploring.

Hololens App for Construction Quality Assurance

2018 for Consigli Construction

  • Client needs to make sure that new additions to existing structures will fit.

  • Built a proof-of-concept for the Hololens, which we can expand on later.

  • Experimented with several off-the-shelf tools for Hololens and Tablets. 

  • Customer pleased with the results. 

  • Tools:  Hololens, Unity, Vuforia, C#, GIMP

  • Solo project.

Brian Vizarreta, Innovation Manager at Consigli Construction Co. Inc.

Jeff has been more than a consultant, he's been a mentor. From connecting me with developers nationwide to involving me in multiple funding opportunities, he's be a great part of the success of Cata-List. Can't thank him enough for going above and beyond to help push our business, as well as the entire VR/AR community, forward.

VR and AR Demonstrations at Architecture Builder’s Expo

ABX 2016 and 2017

  • Many professionals in architecture and construction know that VR and AR will change the way they work but do not know how to get started. 

  • Both years, I organized a dozen early adopters and providers of VR and AR for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. We showcased design and technology demonstrations on the floor of ABX for two days. 

  • Both years, the exhibit attracted attention, spreading awareness of the technology in the industry, and building productive relationships.

  • Architects:  Shepley Bulfinch, Payette, CBT, HMFH, Sasaki, SMMA, TKA, Arrow St.

  • Construction & Engineering:   Windover, Consigli, Turner, VHB, 

  • Tech and Other:  Wayfair, Elumenati, BluHomes, Microdesk, Ver-Tex Lighting

  • Team:  Jacobson (everything), James Martin (2017 organizing), Vasili Uspensky.

Server Room Simulation
2016-2017  for Consigli Construction

  • Consigli was building a big campus for Mathworks, and needed a design review of the server room with top management on both sides. 

  • Using CAD models and other documentation, my artist team created a VR walk-though simulation, as it should be after construction. I read the documents, managed the team, and assembled the application in software.

  • Mathworks was happy with the overall design and greenlit construction.

  • The simulation also revealed problems that not usually apparent until physical construction has begun.

  • Tools:  HTC Vive, Unity, Revit, C#, 3DS-Maxx, Maya, Photoshop.

  • Team:  Myself (management & software), Donaghey (Artwork & Programming), Barret Byrns (Artwork), Bohlke (Revit).

3D Interactive Simulations of Planned Digital Signage in Times Square.

2015 for Sensory Interactive

  • Sensory Interactive manages content on giant digital billboards in New York City's Times Square and other places. They had to show an important client what their ads would look like, in context, after deployment. 

  • We simulated the target building, the surrounding cityscape, and the billboards. Client provided the video content.

  • The result was a clearly understandable, dynamic, 3D model, which satisfied key questions for Sensory's client. We did this for four different projects.

  • Tools:  Unity, 3DS Maxx. 

  • Team:  Jacobson (Programming), Chadwick (Art).

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