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Production Team

** Now that I am employed full time at Children's Hospital, I will no longer undertake freelance projects. However, the people below remain esteemed colleagues whom I recommend highly. 

Some projects are too large for me to tackle alone, and some require a skill or two that I do not possess.  For those, I have a cadre of fellow freelancers I can call on. I have a much wider reach to professionals and academics in several industries, but these are the people I call on most often. 

Maxim Antinori

Maxim Antinori has more than a decade of experience developing interactive experiences, with a focus on museums and educational content. Currently Maxim is focused on using Unity3D to explore ways in which VR and AR can enhance the user experience and deepen learning. In addition Maxim does in-house training for teams exploring these new technologies, whether in architecture, game, or education industries.  He is skilled in VR, AR, Unity3D, Mobile, Programming, Training, Education, Exhibit Production, C#


Eric Boehlke

Eric Boehlke is a Revit programmer and 3D modeler.  He can provide BIM Consulting, Revit technical support, Revit Architecture, MEP, and Structure project assistance. He is skilled in Revit Programming, Revit Modeling, BIM consulting, AutoCAD, and Training.  He can contribute to projects with artistic rendering. application development, stand-alone apps and programs, API and Dynamo customizations which run within Revit, and AutoCAD Macros and scripts to make life easier and reduce repetitive tasks.


Michael “Danger” Donaghey

Michael is an excellent 3D artist, animator, and programmer with Unity3D, Maya, C#, Java, and other scripting languages. He has worked on several VR projects with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and some mobile platforms. Experienced and effective teacher. 

Artwork, Programming, Animation, Unity3D, Maya, C#, Java, Animation

Jeremy Epstein

Jeremy Epstein brings an extensive background in product management, user experience and UX engineering, and a track record for leading efforts to bring product from idea to market, principally in the enterprise. Over the years, projects included work for Skype, Symantec, Vontu, Nutanix, Thomson Reuters, Trilogy, and my own startup iThority.  Currently exploring mobile AR with ARKit.    

UX Process:

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