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Training & Teaching

Industrial Training:  Talks and Demos

I am often asked to inform professionals in several industries on the capabilities of VR and AR in their practice.  These are some of my most recent talks. ​

  • June 2019:  Co-Presented "AR for Training in Healthcare" with Melissa Burke at PTC Liveworx Conference, Boston.

  • January 2019:  Spoke on "AR (and some VR) for Medical Training at Boston Children's Hospital" at AR in Action, MIT, Boston. 

  • October 2018:  Moderating the morning science panel at XR in Education in Boston. "What’s Happening in the Sandbox? Research from Harvard, MIT, and Stanford"

  • October 2018:  On two panels at the NYVR Expo in New York City. "XR in AEC" and "XR in Training"

  • June 2018:  Panelist for the Higher Ed IT Professionals Meetup event, "Reality in Higher Ed (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed) - Ready or Not for Prime Time?", Boston

  • June 2018:  Speaking at the VRX Immersive Enterprise Conference on "A short history of VR and AR for learning & training", Boston.

  • June 2018:  Track Chair (Development) at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara.

  • Feb 2018: Panelist at "DisruptCRE Boston," February, 2018.

  • Jan 2018:  Spoke at the “Virtual Reality and Architecture Symposium."

  • Nov 2017:  Spoke on "Immersive Media" for the BostonCHI society.

  • Nov 2017:  Spoke on "Immersive Media in Construction" at the BIM Council.

  • Mar 2017:  Spoke on "The Psychology of Virtual Space" at the BostonVR meetup.

  • Oct 2017:  Served on panels "Real Estate" and "AEC Fireside Chat" at the NYVR Expo.

  • Mar 2017:  Spoke on "The Psychology of Virtual Space" at the BostonVR meetup.

  • Oct 2016:  Spoke on "The Psychological Foundation of Immersive Media Design" at the Reality Virtually Hackathon.

  • Oct 2016:  Panelist  "Construction, Architecture, Urban Planning," at Harvard iLab

See Current Activities for upcoming speaking engagements.

Nicholas Benson, MD Candidate at UCCOM and Principal Investigator at Bouy Health.


"I first met Dr. Jacobson at Tufts MedStart medical education innovation competition. Jeff's consulting and technical expertise was instrumental in my team's double-win and invitation to compete in Global Hackathon in Seoul, South Korea. Jeff not only advised my software development team in the production of our project demo, but also lent his expertise in effectively explaining and marketing our idea to the judges and audience members. Jeff's knowledge of the technology development process and interpersonal experience in the science/technology industry is an invaluable resource."

Industrial Training:  Mentoring

I run training workshops and perform other mentoring roles in industry. Examples:

  • Workshop series on VR & AR for Scalable Display Technology (2015 - 2017). See Construction

  • Mentored contestants at the following hackathons:  

    • Reality Virtually, October 2017 and October 2016

    • MedStart, October 2015

    • Hololens, March 2016

  • Nearly twenty on site talks on VR & AR at Architecture firms in spring of 2017.

  • While I was Director of PublicVR, I mentored 19 students in academic internships.  Every one walked away with a resume piece and all graduate students published their work.

  • In 2006 - 2007, I trained docents at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History how to give a tour of the the Virtual Egyptian Temple in their Earth Theater, a digital dome. 

Erik J. Sanford, VDC/BIM Director at Dimeo Construction Company

Jeff's passion for VR is infectious. I know that when I have a question regarding the subject that his response is based on actual research and experimentation and that is why I hold his insight in the highest regard.

The monthly VR Workshops that he organizes are outstanding. The ability to learn from experts and discuss everything from the history of VR/AR to realistic implementation to the future of VR/AR is outstanding.

I highly recommend Dr. Jacobson!

Academic Events: Talks and Demos

I am often asked to speak at college courses and academic conferences.  Examples:

  • Sep 2018:  Introduction to XR for Training and Education:  Practical workshop on how to use VR or AR for teaching at school or at work. Accessible to anyone, but intended for teachers and coaches. In the first hour, we will survey available tools, instructional designs, and best practices. In the second hour, students will use an authoring tool to create their own AR/VR lesson.

  • April 2018:  Spoke for Dr. Ostabbas' "Medical Technology" class at the School of Engineering at Northeastern University.

  • Jan 2018:  Spoke for Dr. Dede's  “Emerging Educational Technologies,” a course at Harvard Graduate School of Ed., 2018.

  • ​Nov 2017:  Served on a panel on VR/AR in Classrooms at the Merging Minds & Technology conference.

  • Jan 2017:  Panelist on VR/AR for education at LearnLaunch:  Across Boundaries Conference.

University Teaching


Instructor (Fall, 2001) with Lowry Burgess and Lynn Holden on Interactive Ancient Egypt (ART 62425), an upper-division course in the Department of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. Students from diverse majors collaborated in groups to produce educational mixed-media applications on the topic of ancient Egypt. I produced the technical portion of the curriculum and did one-third of the teaching. Pittsburgh, PA.


Teaching Assistant (Fall, 1999) for Research Methods (PSY 0035L), Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, PA.

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